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About Discovering ANTIQUES

Discovering ANTIQUES is the only Western Canadian magazine dealing solely with antiques and collectables. It debuted July/August 1999 with different owners. When the March/April 2000 issue was delivered to the antique shop I worked at, it contained a letter stating the magazine was for sale and if not sold, this would be the last issue. Intrigued, my husband and I looked into it and obviously we bought it. We are Jan and Cam Mather. Cam's initial involvement could not be maintained due to full time employment. I, on the other hand, worked part time and had some editorial experience after my four years with Reader's Digest (Canada), Book Department, as well as numerous nonprofit organizations' newsletters, etc.; so jumped in with both feet and relished all the fascinating subjects to be researched and written about. Much to my utter surprise (probably based on my naivety and blind enthusiasm) I discovered that selling ads was what demanded the most time. In order for the publication to survive and grow, the advertiser base had to increase. Now, I hate sales! But, as the years have passed and the magazine's reputation has grown, so have the advertiser base and the circulation. I can also say that due to my travels I have met and come to know many dealers, auctioneers and show promoters. Some have become friends as well as advertisers. What a fascinating business – totally unpredictable with regard to both product and their trends as well as how it fairs as an industry. You never know when you will stumble across an item that dates back to a time and era of our forefathers before they ever thought of migrating to Canada. Oh, the stories it could tell! 

As Discovering ANTIQUES has evolved, so have I. Many mistakes have been made but never intentionally and hopefully, never a second time! My first look at each new issue is still a thrill and I am pleased with the growing interest from dealers primarily who provide the interesting selection of articles that have been included in the magazine. Occasionally a private collector is willing to share information on whatever subject is their passion because I learned in the six years I worked at the antique shop that a collector has researched, studied and knows about whatever it is that he/she collects.

Learning about antiques and collectables is like peeling an onion - each subject, be it buttons or porcelain or furniture, has its own subtopics dealing with the age, style, production, country of origin, etc. etc. The other learning curve about antiques and collectables is the collector. Why some people collect certain things is still a mystery to me.

Hopefully each issue of Discovering ANTIQUES brings some insight into a subject of interest to you or introduces you to something that you were not aware of before! AND… each issue has a wealth of advertisers where treasures can be found!

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